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Another “Mandelson is melodramatic as fuck” story to add to the list. Allegedly. I don’t know if it’s actually true but it makes for a great story.

A friend-of-a-friend was working in Stormont when Mandelson was made Secretary of State for Northern Ireland. The first day that Mandelson was in NI, he accidentally hit this guy with his car - nothing serious, just a tap. Seeing that he’d hit this guy, Mandelson got out of the car, pulled £500 out of his pocket which he handed it to the bloke and said “This did not happen”. Mandelson then just walked off, leaving this guy with a wad of cash and a great story to tell in bars.

I love that Mandelson is 100% definitely going to be the person wandering around the world with fat stacks of cash in his pocket. Because you never know when you might need £500 in notes…

At least he stopped, I suppose. Unlike Ed Balls…