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At least where I am right now, we’re so not ready for a snap election.

No one is. It would be glorious.

Someone suggested that if Cameron had to resign, Clegg would have to take over as DPM…

While I’d find it amusing if that happened, a la what happened with the Labour leadership vote, it’s either the party chairman or the leader of the house who’d end up stepping in, and Milliband would get asked if he could form a government …

OMG could we end up with Hague for PM? 

Wouldn’t Ed Miliband have to resign as well since it’s partly his fault as well? And he’d have to hand over to Harriet Harman until they elect his replacement, who is probably Yvette Cooper? SO MANY PEOPLE COULD BE OUR NEXT PM IF SCOTLAND VOTES YES

Hague is Cameron’s de facto political deputy so if Cameron resign - which he won’t - or is forced out - which doubt but could happen - we would have Hague.

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Staying up all night for the referendum results


I’m campaigning with a bunch of staunch unionists tomorrow morning


I’m campaigning in Durham with our PPC


I have the first North East CF meeting in the evening

I am going to fall asleep on someone’s doorstep

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It’s funny how “rich” has changed from someone who earns 1,000,000+ a year to a family who earns 250,000+.

Discounting inflation, the new definition of a rich family is a family who earned ~$86,000 a year in 1980.

Interesting fact: To have enough wealth to be part of the 1% of the richest people in the world, an income of only $35,000 is necessary.


The top rate of income tax in the UK kicks in at just £150,000pa. I’m not as opposed to raising taxes as some are, but £150,000 is something many successful middle-class people can hit. Tax thresholds need to be seriously re-examined.